Our Mission

Bridging the gap between merchants & loyal elite customers, by removing the hindrance of day to day negotiations from the Indian Consumer Market.

Customer Benefits

We are negotiating on your behalf with thousands of shop-owners near you to provide you discounts on almost all of the categories of daily needs, so that from now on you can have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Merchant Benefits

Our store-partners get access to a loyal elite customer base with increased footfall and ability to cross sell to the customers. Enhanced customer service experience means better brand building and repeat purchases.

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Introducing privilege lifestyle cards for everyone; Save your hard earned money by using our cards at any and every shop, that too near your doorstep.

Save more than ₹30,000 in a year just by using your privilege card.


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How do I use the cards to get discounts?

We are working harder every day to provide you a seemless experience at our store-partners. Just show your card to the merchant and you will be eligible for the discounts. Simple.

Do we need to do e-KYC or provide personal details?

No, we don't ask for any personal information or bug you for such details. Just carry our cards and enjoy the benefits.

Can i use the cards online?

Soon enough. We are building the next generation loyalty system to seemlessly integrate with small stores selling online.